SHAREZER (Heb. שָׁרְאֶצֶר), an abbreviated Babylonian name meaning "… (name of deity) protect the king" (cf. Nergal-Sharezer; Jer. 39:3, 13). 1\. According to II Kings 19:37 (= Isa. 37:38; cf. II. Chron. 32:21), Sharezer and adrammelech murdered their father, King Sennacherib, in the Temple of Nisroch and fled to Ararat. 2\. The name in Zechariah 7:2, sometimes read Sharezer, should most likely be combined with the preceding word and read Bethel-Sharezer (see regem-melech ).   -BIBLIOGRAPHY: J.P. Hyatt, in: JBL, 56 (1937), 387ff.; J.A. Montgomery, The Book of Kings (ICC, 1951), 498–9. (Bezalel Porten)

Encyclopedia Judaica. 1971.

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